Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little man recap!

The past couple of weeks have been boring & excited. Calm & crazy. Relaxing & stressful. Yup that covers everything!

I was going to post last week.. And never got to it. (again)
I am back at work a few more days a week. Usually 3 but G and I usually make our way down there once or twice on our days off.
I am so lucky to have such amazing support to help with G when I needed. My mom is a huge help, takes him when I need help and it's so nice she has everything he needs at her house so im not packing things everyday. Thanks to some garage saleing i got some monitors and a bath for KiKi's house as well!
When mom is busy we are so blessed to have step-moms, aunts, sisters and even tumbling moms who care enough about G to want to spend the day with him!
G is growing up (too) fast! Occasionally Rolling over from his belly, loving to play on his play mat; usually for almost an hour during the day, and is really noticing toys now. He loves his monkey on his seat. Even got a video of him while we were hanging out the other day.
His growing lots. Finally to long for his 0-3 month clothes and fully in 3 month clothes!
He loves talking to you and his smile is so contagious! What a happy baby he is. Nick and I are so blessed with such a good baby!
This week we will be busy moving. We have been living in my grandparents rental house. We love the house;lots of space and located right in front of my aunts house but They have been wanting to sell it so nick and I began looking for something new. We found a nice duplex in our price range so we decided to get it and not risk them selling the house and us not having anything. Unfortunatly it's not "in Peoria" but it's in town right outside (Metamora) that is great for families, we know some people, and it's closer to my moms so it will be convenient to drop off G on my way to work. It's going to be an adjustment to a smaller house, farther drive from Peoria to stores, work ect and it's going to take more planning for meals since there are very few restaurants but I'm taking it with an open mind.
It is going to be good for us and me on staying organized & planning. Just different.
We have lots of great things coming up we are looking forward to so for now I leave you with "monkey" and two pictures of my beautiful little sisters!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2 months... Pictures!

So I won't bore you with words.
Just a bunch of pics to show off Baby G!
Playing at Grandmas! 
Our Little 2 Month Old! 
Family Easter Picture
2 Months & his Hippo
Easter Best! 
Visiting the What I Think *Creepy* Easter Bunny
Cousin Carson holding G

Friday, April 6, 2012

A trip back "home"

Well I'm a little behind AGAIN on my updates! You would think that I would be getting the hang of it but with a crazy weekend of traveling to Warrensburg and Kansas City it seems like I'm still trying to catch back up on "Real Life".
As I sit upstairs in my attic like "office" at the restaurant feeding baby G I decided what perfect time to get a quick update in! On a side note: I'm very thankful I didn't listen to my sister a year ago when she didn't want me bringing the futon-like bed upstairs! It sure comes in handy for a comfy lounge when G is here with me!

Friday afternoon we packed up the car... With enough stuff I would have thought could last us for months. First time travels; so we over prepared! when you add up 4 days & 3 nights of travel 6-8 diapers a day.. A few outfits/day just in case, his bed, a bouncy seat to help with fussiness, a stroller (thank goodness it made the cut), a boppy, extra blankets and burp rags a plenty our crossover suv seemed more like a small car! My excitement of getting to use my new Vera Bradley XL duffle from my amazing husband was knocked down when I realized all of G's things took the whole thing ..... There's always next time though!
G did so great on the drive! We thought he would sleep most of the trip since around town driving is like ambien to him. He didn't but he was such a good boy! I purchased a mirror for the back seat so we could see him on the drive, city doesn't bother me but 6 hrs in the car I figured it would be handy! It sure was! Plus it lit up & played music and G stayed entertained for hours!

Our first stop was Warrensburg to visit Gma Pops & Aunt Katelyn. As well as lots of friends and family! Although naps were not going so great he loved meeting everyone and held off his fussy until his visitors left!
Nicks best friends from high school Drew & Shannon came by with their 2 kids to meet G on Sat! Graham and G even had on matching polo outfits. Best friends in the making for sure.

We headed to Kansas City to meet some more people and visit with friends. Pulling into town always feels like home. Being back makes me miss Kansas City and I know Nick does too. But being away always made me miss Peoria and I'm glad to be home.

We had lunch with some of the DZ girls and their babies

Got to visit with my favorite soon to be mommy Alyssa Sunday night at Corner Cocktail and G got to play with his cousin Katie for a while too! It's so weird seeing Katie grown up (2yrs) because it seems like just yesterday I was watching her at G's age!

We had a delicious breakfast at First Watch with my best friend Curt Monday. Made a stop at my old country club to show off little man then headed to the mall to find Nick a hat. See apparently KC team hats are hard to find in Peoria. (who would have thought haha)
This is where I was thanking my lucky stars the stroller made the cut; see the past few days poor G hadn't gotten alot of sleep. He was out of his element, off schedule and it seemed like he was getting passed around whenever he was needing a nap. Monday he had finally fallen asleep for longer than 30 min so we decided to shop around independence mall a few hours so he could get a nice long nap in!

We had such a great trip back to Missouri and are so glad so many people got to meet our handsome little man! I for sure am glad to be back, it's exhausting traveling with a little one and jumping right back into things! I could have used one day to unpack, do laundry, and relax before jumping back into life!
There are more pictures I can't wait to share but yet aren't on my phone so look forward to an all pictures post soon!

** disclaimer ** I have never posted from my phone so I apologize bc I have no idea where the pics are going to end up!