Sunday, February 17, 2013

Party Time! G's 1st Birthday!

We were lucky to celebrate our baby boy turning 1 with all the people that Love him! 
And he is one lucky boy to have so many people that care about him! 

We celebrated with a Carnival Theme at The Locker Room. 

DIY Bday Invitation 

I handmade his outfit for the party. I wanted something fun and unique that wouldn't cost a lot of money!

I even made myself a matching bow and scarf... I didn't want to waste the fabric :)

We were lucky to have Nick's Parents, Sister and Cousin come up for the weekend
and My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins from Chicago came down.

And if you remember back in June when we traveled to North Carolina for my Best Friend Jamie's Wedding . This time she flew in to spend 4 days with us for G's Big Day! We were also lucky to have our best friend Drew come in from Indy for a few days!
DIY Bday Banner

The party was Great! We had Carnival style Food
Funnel Cake, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Trail Mix, Peanuts....

We had Cupcakes and Cakes for dessert... and of course Greyson got to have a cake for himself.

He wasn't too messy. and he is not a fan of a mess on his hands.
There was not a lot of Carnival Games like I planned b/c Greyson was the only kid there.
 But we did set up his Train/Roller Coaster which he had a blast!

We feel so blessed to have so many people that have helped us get through this 1st year. We could not have done it without them.

Thanks for celebrating with us! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Made it... ONE YEAR

Wow...Well... We Made it a Year! 
The past year has been 

Well I guess at 12 months we don't have a baby anymore! G is learning and exploring more and more each day! He is always figuring out ways to do new things.

He is a climber and a Runner.
He is a Thinker and a Do'er

He is one of the happiest kids I know.

He is Funny and Loves to Laugh.

 He Loves to Shoot Hoops.. Anywhere

 And is the cutest little naked boy ever!

 Hes  A Cuddlier at times

And has become such a Little Man
He is growing so big! He's 30in Tall and 23 lbs.
I Made a little 12 Month Review for his birthday party! Here is a peek!

We are getting some "Words" Now.
Up and Down.. Just in his own way.
He will say Bentley at Grandma's House..
But still no MaMa or DaDa

This Past Year has been Great. And Nick and I can't wait for what is yet to come.

Greyson is fortunate to have 3 amazing sets of grandparents to Spoil him
and 3 Sets of Great Grandparents to LOVE him.
Lucky to have 5 Aunts that care more for him then he will ever know
An Amazing group of  the Locker Room Staff Family that Watches him, plays with him
and cares about him.
And Blessed to have Uncles to teach him and be there for him!

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts to all of you for being in Greyon's Life!

Here's to Year 2.........