Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the road again...

We hit the road to KC again. We don't usually make the trip 2x in the month but my friend Jamie is getting married in a few weeks and we were celebrating her with a shower and bachlorette party in KC this weekend.

Saturday I packed up from Warrensburg and left fairly early to head to north KC for the shower.

Nick headed off to golf with his cousin and dad. Which meant G got to spending quality time with grandma!

We headed to Jenni's house for the afternoon. We hung by the pool and tried not to melt in the 90• weather!

Sunday we enjoyed breakfast with the family at my favorite spot - First Watch- then hit the road to head to Stl

We Made a stop to visit "Uncle Drew". Drew is a best friend to both Nick and I and we could wait for him to meet G. Drew is in the Army training to fly Blackhawks so we haven't seen him in a year! We can't wait for him to get stationed in Indy so we can see him so much more!

Oh final stop on our weekend trip was to stay with the Hazzards! Brian & Nick have been frienda since 7th grade. They went to college together, joined Sig Ep together used to both live in Kc. Him and Jackie now live in STL have a little Boy; Wade that is exactly 3 months older than G. We haven't seen Wade since he was a month old and they haven't met G so we were grateful for the long weekend so we could spend the night with them for the boys to become best friends and catch up with Brian and Jackie!

Weekend Away for Mom

Well I'll start this post with a little ditty about my big sister. I'm pretty lucky to have a such a caring one! Sure we fight, argue, and bicker but she's such a caring person and always was during pregnancy. She was by my side during my long hospital stay (even going back and fourth between bar & hospital) and she absolutely loves, cares, & adores Baby G. She spoils him rotten and I and him love every minute of it.

 For my mothers day; Tab, a childhood friend Shawna and Corinne, and one of my bartenders (friend too!) took me to STL for the night last weekend. It was my 1st night away but with some convincing I knew I needed it!

We got a hotel, and set out on the town! The landing was out destination! We grab some food and drinks at Jake's. $2 margaritas were hard to pass up!

That night we went to Big Daddy's which was fun. Sat outside enjoying the weather and drinks. Took some shots and people watched. Man, there are some weirdly dressed people hanging out on the landing! My best friend Stephanie also surprised me at this stop. (sneaky sister)
Then we headed off to Morgan Street. It was pretty neat bc there was an outdoor patio to hang out on. Or you could go inside and dance. We partaked in both.

I missed my baby boy lots but had so much fun with the girls; laughing, dancing, & even drinking! I will tell you it's no Locker Room prices when your out in Stl though.

 I really appreciate having such great friends to treat me to a girls night when I needed one! Can't wait to do it again! Maybe next one will be in Chicago!

3 Months... Already!

Baby G is 3 Months.... Yes I know I am a few weeks late at this.. But I'll get there! You will just get to see extra of him with almost back to back monthly updates!

He is really growing up these days. He LOVES to play on the floor.. and he usually ends up rotating halfway around the mat and facing some weird directions. He is rolling over front to back and back to front. Not all the time, but a good amount! We think we're going to have a mobile kid earlier than most!
* I along with my sister walked at 8 months so were pushing for 7 * hehe

He Loves watching the T.V. I know it is the colors and stuff but it it still so cute to see him intensely watching whatever is on. i.e. Dancing with the Stars, Live with Kelly, The Today Show, Sports (r loves baseball) or if I'm in a good mood its playhouse Disney.

He is starting to really play with different toys. He has a strong grip and usually won't let go! He is still Loving his swing. He didn't get to use it for a few weeks from the move, so it was like a brand new toy for him!

He is sitting up now. Not for a really long time; but for a few minuets at a time. Usually He pushes his legs up to stand b/c he loves to stand... and sitting just isn't for him (To Boring I guess!) But at Least he can do it!

Got to test out the bouncer seat exersaucer thing at Gmas and he loved it!
We also got a Johnny jumper for
Him since he loves to stand and move so much. Hasn't quite gotten the hang of "jumping" just yet but loves to hang or walk himself in circles.
He getting so big and time is going so fast.
I'm ready for someone to slow time down any day now!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick & Easy Desserts: part 2

Dessert #2 was a favorite of mine!
Mini cheesecakes (makes 12)
2 eggs
2 packages of softened cream cheese (8oz)
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Graham crackers or vanilla wafers
Toppings: could be whatever you wanted! I made a fresh strawberry compote. And Had melted chocolate but any kind of topping you like for be good!

Preheat oven to 325.
Fill a muffin tin with foil wrappers. These ingredients will make 12 cheesecakes

Crust: I crushed up graham crackers and filled a thin layer in each tin for the crust. You could also not use graham crackers and place a vanilla wafer in the bottom of each tin.
Next time I plan to try a mix of graham and wafer crumbles!

Mix cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla with a beater until smooth. Pour into muffin tins 3/4 of the way up.

Bake for 25min.

We wanted to eat them right away so I stuck them in the freezer for 10ish minuets

Stupid me only took a picture of them
In the tin (after people had already stole some) with no toppings so that's all I have to show you. I promise they are great and even look pretty when you take off the muffin wrapper.

You could serve them with or without the wrapper in my opinion!

Hope you enjoy them!

Quick & Easy Desserts part 1

So I figured I could spend some of my drive time in the car heading to KC blogging some quick and easy... Yet DELICIOUS desserts I made for mother's day

First on the menu:
Oreo rice Krispy treats. Yup you heard right and they are Yummy!

Most people know how to make Rice Krispy treats; if you don't then read the box.
To make them more delicious your gonna add some Oreos!
All you have to do is take a row or a row and a 1/2 of Oreos (depending on how Oreoie u want it. That is Totally not a word, but you get it!)
Crush the Oreos into little pieces. Easiest way is throw them in a ziplock and pound away!
While your mixing the krispies into the marshmallow; mix in a little of the Oreo at a time.
*side note * if you are following the box directions... Add more marshmallows then the 1 bag. Just trust me on this one.
Once everything is mixed together and in the pan you finish off the dessert with white chocolate drizzle.

Melt white chocolate chips to drizzle on top. I made mine in the microwave. 30sec. stir. And repeat 2x if it's not melted yet try it 1-2 more times. You don't want to burn the chocolate though.
Take the melted chocolate and drizzle all over the top and your done.

So easy and quick... About 10min all together to melt marshmallow mix and melt chocolate.

So to recap ingredients:
Rice Krispys
Mini marshmallows (I use 2 bags)
White chocolate chips (use 1/3-1/2 bag
Stick of butter


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Week of Fun

Wow. What a last few weeks it's been! We are all moved in to the new place.. If you consider still having boxes in the new garage, stuff at the old house, and boxes in Greyson's room then yep... We are all moved in!

Last week was quite the week! Nicks sister katelyn took the train up from kc to stay with us or a few days! She got to hang out and spend some time with G Tuesday night while I worked. Nick was off Wednesday so we all got to hang out and at night we took G to his first baseball game watch Jeremy (Megan's boyfriend) play.

Thursday was Quite the day! It started with Nick and I heading to the Locker Room early for "senior walk"
The Thursday before graduation all the Bradley seniors do a "walk" or pub crawl from the bars on the riverfront up to near the college (3 miles or so),

Our Stop started around 10:30 and went for a few hours. We had a few hundred people through the doors and it was a crazy busy few hours of bartending for all of us! I only came out of it with a few bruises so it was a success. We had a few hours of downtime then it was time to get busy again for the Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan Concert. Nick and I were all ready going so we got two extra tickets and My Little Sister (16) Emma and Kates got to come with us!

 We headed off to KC on Friday for one of Nicks H.S. Friends Wedding Reception. We got to spend time with his Cousins Little Girl, Katie Who I used to babysit for when we lived there!Shes Almost 3 and was so excited for Greyson to be there. 
 Katie when she was a baby!                                                    Our Almost 3 yr old!

 Got to visit with Shannon and Drew at the Wedding as well. 

 Mom and Dads Night Out!

Greyson got to hang out at work with me yesterday! "Aunt Amanda" is heading back to Chicago since she graduated over the weekend. Greyson is going to miss her so much! (So is Mom!)

 He loved hanging out with Cullen (A Regular Customer) watching the Cards Game! 

 Stay Tuned for a Great Blog on some Delicious Desserts I made for Mother's Day you have to try! 
Plus G's 3month Pics!