Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with The Paneks

We headed off to Warrensburg to spend Christmas with the Panek's since Nick was going to have to work Christmas Eve/Christmas.

It was amazing spending time with them. We got to go to the mules game and see Kates Dance, got to hang out with family from Clinton and enjoy the season.

 We even got to spend some Child Free Time with Friends in the City! 

Santa Breakfast at The Locker Room

This year The Locker Room hosted a Santa Breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. 

Downtown Peoria has a Santa Parade the day after Thanksgiving that comes right in front of The Locker Room so it was a perfect time to have it. 

The Santa Parade is the longest running parade in U.S. having its 125th Year this year. 
(Just a little unknown fact for you!)

Santa was there for pictures and of course it was perfect time for Greyson to be an elf!

We had a Great Turn out for the First Year! Greyson Loved Santa.. From a far and Grandma KiKi got some great Pics! 
Notice Greyson Reflection! Such an amazing Pic! 
Hanging out with Grandma KiKi
Aunt Lucy Came to Babysit 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

274 days old baby boy

Yup 9 months! Okay.. Well he is technically 10 Months; but since I just found this blog that I never posted but we will go with it.........

 So when does Baby G stop being "baby"

Everyday he seems to get more personality. More life.

We are loving having little man in our life more and more each day. I (well we) just love watching him learn and grow. He loves to explore things, try out new and old toys, and really loves books.

He knows how to make a disaster to the living room with his toys and I now know why people have play rooms! He is a pro at throwing everything out of his toy bins to find the smallest toy at the very bottom.

We went to our 9month check up. And everything checked out well!
They did their normal Q&A that made me feel like I had the dumb kid.
Does he say ma ma ma or ba ba ba. NO
Does he wave bye. No
Does he play patty cake. No (but we don't play that so maybe ;)
Does he crawl. Ok got this one! Has been for like 4 months. And walks on everything.
Does he eat baby food. Yup! Eats "people" food!

Okay so some of the questions make you feel like your kids dumb, slow, Ect.
Others make me see he excels in other areas. I guess when they ask those things it's really about remembering everyone is different!

Since then he has waved! Only a few times but he has done it. Sometimes I think he's just so busy looking at things, exploring, and moving that he doesn't pay attention to things he can do!

No walking alone yet! But he loves to push chairs everywhere. Tall Bar chairs, dinning room chairs, baby chairs. He holds on and pushes them for fun or to get where he wants to go. When he runs out if room he walks to the other side and pushes it back. A resourceful little booger.

He really loves Derby these days! Tries to Play with him all the time. Loves to throw his bone... and play tug with his rope.

Well everyday is something new.. until next time!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

8 Month Update.. 1 Month Late

I'm a little behind... yes I know but I guess that proves how fast 8 months have flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday I was pregnant with G and now 8 months have already flown by.

I feel so lucky to have this amazing little man in my life. I can't imagine what the next 8 years are going to bring when at just 8 months he has such a big personality.

We really thought he would be walking by 8 months... I walked at 8 Months.. My sister walked at 8 Months.. so we pushed for him to walk to.. We are close.. Not there yet!

He can walk the furniture like a pro
He can play with his push walker forward, backward, one handed, and sometimes its even upside down.

He LOOOVES his walker at The Locker Room. He went from only going backwards to navigating the restaurant in a walk/run fashion. He Loves to find his way to the bar where he can reach things..

He is a GREAT Eater. Eats everything. Loves eating on his own. Everything from Pasta, Sweet Potato, Peas & Carrots, Banana, Crackers, and he LOVES Cheerios :) 

Well That is it on the updates since I will be updating 9 Months this week

Pics are getting a little harder to take.. Mr. Mover doesn't like to sit still! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Trip Back to Warrensburg

A few weeks ago we packed up the car and headed to Warrensburg for the weekend.

Nick only gets One Weekend off a month which is usually used for traveling if I am able to get away. His 4 day weekend fell on UCM's Homecoming so we jumped at the chance to head back home and visit family.

Unfortunally Pops Panek was out of town but we got to hang out with Grams and Aunt Kates for a few days. 

Saturday we got up and headed downtown for the Homecoming Parade. Katelyn is a Dancer at UCM so Greyson got to watch his 1st Parade and look for Aunt Kates.

He was pretty tried after the parade

Unfortunately it rained... ALOT... so we missed out on the football game and did not get to watch Aunt Kates Dance. 

"Uncle Casey" is not living in Warrensburg until he moves to KC so we got to spend lots of time with him as well. Greyson was very excited to play with him!

We took advantage of Greyson getting to spend time with Grams and we headed downtown for some Fun. I played some Beer Pong.. We Danced.. and had a few drinks :)

It was such a great weekend with family & friends. Can't wait for the next!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Locker Room Halloween

Saturday Night Nick & I got a Parent's Night Out

Okay. So It wasn't really a Night Out. It was a Night Out to The Locker Room. 

We traded in Bathtime. PJ's. Mickey Mouse. and Bottles. 
Costumes. DJ's. and Bottles of Beer and Liquor

Since G; Late Nights at The Locker Room are pretty few and far between so I was excited to get to hang out, see people, and "experience" Late Night Locker Room.
And Occasionally brush up on my bartending skills 

We had chose a 20's Theme this year and I Loved Everything about it. 

Now It's not something that I could do every weekend. Getting home at 5:30am is a Little Rough when lately G has decided he likes to get up between 4-5am but I was glad I got to be there for Halloween. 

 Here's a peek at our costumes! 


Next Up... Actual Halloween.... Costume TBD

Family Day Out

We finally both had a day off so we headed out to Tanner's Orchard with Greyson to walk around, purchase some delicious goodies and spend a few hours as a family.

We were greeted with G's Favorite. Mickey Mouse

We played with some Tractors in the Kiddie Area

LOOOOVED the Swings

He had a blast. There isn't tons to do for a "Baby" but he really loved the the things he could do

 It was such an amazing day. It reminds me how blessed we are!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not much time

I haven't done a lot of blogging lately

Just haven't had much time.

I picked up a 2nd job teaching tumbling.
Growing up my mom owned a Tumbling studio where I attended and taught at. Back in college she sold it to the local park district where my sister then took over running the program.

So since we opened The Locker Room Tab has continued to run the tumbling program and have a great Elite Cheerleading program.

This fall she needed some more teachers and Nick and I could use the extra money so twice a week I head from The L Room to teach tumbling.

Most days it is hard. I'm exhausted, and I dread going. Then I get there and I see those kids and it makes me forget all about how tired I am.
Just like with my baby boy.

There are days I know I should just be home with my baby..
There are days I know I should be at home cleaning or doing laundry.

But then there are days where a child tells me they are so happy I am their teacher Or they bring you a picture they drew at school.

And I remember even though its hard work, time consuming, and exhausting. It is something I enjoy and you have to do stuff that makes you happy.

Well I suppose I would rather have a pedi or a massage :) but maybe after next paycheck

So I haven't blogged in over a month. I know that because I never blogged about G's 8 month update. So I hope to sit down this weekend and catch up.

To be honest. The only reason this is done is I wrote it a month ago and I am finishing the last two paragraphs at work on my phone while Greyson nurses.

Life of a working mom I guess.

Monday, September 24, 2012

That Thing I Call Work...

It seems like just yesterday Tab and I got the idea and started research this venture we call The Locker Room.
Bud Clydesdales @ The Locker Room

I look back to a year ago and to be honest I can't believe we made it a year! Now here we are 2 1/2 years later.

I'm blessed with an amazing sister who also works another job to make ends meet but still puts in the late nights and runs on zero sleep so that I can now be home with G Man.

For those who don't know The L Room is a sports bar catering to a mix of people. We are open for lunch for the many businesses in downtown Peoria, we serve dinner and "cater" to the civic center across the street that is home to the Bradley Braves basketball team and hosts many great concerts and events. We are open late night weekends for those partiers. (and by late night I mean late night. We're open until 4am)

I have (or had since I just lost some all-stars to college graduation) an amazing staff that makes my job easier. I don't think of most of them as staff.. We are a family. It's amazing how great everyone that works for us is. We have "Family Dinners" at Restaurants or BBQs on our days off. It's amazing how lucky G is to have such great people in his life. They all Love My Son so much and I am so blessed to have so many amazing people that love him and care for him. 

Megan, Tab, and Amanda. 

Kramer and Cody... Not Working of Course :)
80's Night at the Locker Room 

I have a great cliental that I enjoy building relationships with. It's a good feeling knowing when someone walks in you know what they drink, like to eat, or who their family is.

We have an amazing DJ that is far more than that. He's a friend, a maintenance man, an entertainment director, amd the brains some days :) He is an amazing guy that supports us so much! He's is an amazing Uncle to G and I don't know what it would be like to not have C in our life!

We have out trials every day. We could always have a few more customers, make a few more dollars but that is business and I'm lucky to have the support we do.

These past two years mistakes have been made but learning from them is all that matters.

I Really appreciate the friends who have traveled to Peoria to check it out. It's amazing to know that they care about us and want to see what we have done. And those people in Peoria that continue to support small businesses.

There's been ups,downs,good & bad but that is what makes life so great, you can conquer anything you want to. And I hope we continue to conquer much more in the years to come!