Friday, June 29, 2012

4 months and growing

4 months... Can't believe it myself. Our little peanut sure is getting big! 15lb 7oz and a long 26in. Up from 12lb 6oz & 24in at our 2 month check up. There's some promising hope he gets my dad's height.

At 4 months he is rolling over back to belly and belly to back. He is quite the stander and loves to grab things. He tries hard to get the things that are just a little out of reach.

He has mastered pulling binky out of his mouth and usually gets it put back in. Although it may be upside or backwards

He continues to love his blankeys. He snuggles them in tight when he's sleepy. And like them or his blanket to be right next to his face. Sometimes he even puts them over his face.
--don't worry I always check and take them off!--

We are eating "solids" including rice & oatmeal (oatmeal is the favorite so far)
He loves sweet potatoes and avocado. And He likes bananas on some days.

He's still breastfeed but we do formula feed when needed. Supplementing with breast milk and using just formula. He was not a fan of the formula to start but doesn't mind now.

He is a great little sleeper! (knock on wood) Daily routine isn't always routine. He's a cat napper during the day and most days when he's tired he will just sleep, wherever he is.
He goes to sleep anywhere between 8:30-9:30. Some nights I wake before I head to bed for a feeding others he stays asleep. Usually depends on what time he ate dinner. He takes a bottle Anywhere between 3-6am. He always falls back asleep until about 8. Sometime the sleepy head will sleep until 8:30.

There's days I feel blessed to be able to sleep in... Others I wish he woke earlier so I could force myself to get stuff done in the am! Hard to motivate when he's sound asleep next to you.

He does sleep in a crib now. He will Fall asleep on his own most nights. He does sleep in our room in his Rock & Play if he wake for feeding close to wake up time, some naps and when traveling.

He still loves his play mat and I can usually catch him talking or laughing to himself in the mirror or to the octopus.

In the morning he likes to relax in his rock & play or on the floor and watch Mickey clubhouse.

He is certainly becoming a little boy with personality, he loves to cuddle and wishes he could hold a bottle on his own.. Where in the world is our baby going?

Monday, June 18, 2012

What were we thinking... Road trip for 3

Things that don't mix:
3rd shift dad
4 month old
14+ hour car drive
Carsick mom
Mountains of West Virginia

Well although the checklist of things didn't blend well; we loaded up the trunk, packed the coolers and hopped in the car fresh off dad's night shift and mom's not so great sleeping night with G.
Destination: Raleigh NC for Jamie's wedding day

We hit the road at 8:30 (a little later than planned but G's feeding schedule is never how I plan it.)

We made it 4 hrs before the first stop. Time for diaper changes, leg stretches, a little out of car seat playing, lunch, gas, and driver switch.

Greyson is doing as good as he can in his seat under the circumstances. He started the night before out with a runny nose and small cough and it has decided to continue on today.
Enjoying Movies (TL) Hanging in the Big Bed (TR)
Our Breakdown in the Car (BL) Just chilling at Lunch (BR)

We did get a new tablet (thanks to a generous gift from a friend) loaded with Disney Movies and baby Einstein to hopefully keep some of the time entertaining. It did its job, until someone got hungry, wanted to move around, or was sleepy from what I think is a cold. Without it thou I can't imagine what it would be like!

We arrived around 12... 15.5 hrs later. With no hotel booked bc we had planned to stop; I opened the trusty Priceline app and named my price. I ALWAYS low-ball the price (why not try) so for $43 I got the Hilton hotel right where we needed to be.

Friday morning (okay it was 10:30) we were up and moving. A day full of nails, lunch, and rehearsal.

Saturday I was off bright and early to get ready for the wedding. We enjoyed a delicious catered breakfast while everyone got hair done.

Greyson spent the day with the boys. They hung out with our friends Mike and Ryan. Had lunch & watched sports at a  bar  local Sports Bar.

Greyson got tons of attention Saturday. Everyone wanted to hold him and play with him. He was loving every minute of it. They boys took great care of him, and even referenced renting him out to Mike & Ryan... You know how babies attract the ladies.
Hanging out waiting for the wedding (TL) Family at Reception (TR)
Ryan Nick Greyson & Mike (BL) Me and Mike (BR)

We were lucky there were a handful of kids at the reception because G had to hang with us since my mom couldn't come. He was a trooper!
Took a nap even though it was loud
Danced with mom to the Cupid shuffle
Took pics in the photo booth
And finally fell asleep about 10:30 in his stroller while we hung out in the outdoor patio (and lobby bar) (please don't judge! )
Sunday we headed to visit UNC and have lunch with my brothers girlfriend. More on that when I brag about G's daddy in a fathers day post!

If you would ask me if I would do the trip again.. It would most likely be no. Riding in the back seat, car sick, with a crying baby really gets the best of you. But If it came down to driving or miss a best friends special day. I would drive it again nexgt week. Great Friends are hard to come by. Jamie has been there for everything. Shes made the trip to meet G when he was born and we wouldn't have missed this day for anything!

So Here's to a family road trip .. Never again. Just kidding! How about not in another 5 years though! 
Time to save up for plane tickets!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It is life...

So I was sitting here the other day watching Melissa and Tye on CMT and it reminded me so much of me.

Two years ago I moved to Peoria and left my husband in KC to open a sports bar in Peoria. It was a decision that somedays I feel like was one that was made to quickly, other days I feel like it wasn't.

Nick finally after 4 months found a job here; his dream job... No. A great job... Unfortunately no.. But it's a job and he works so hard to take care of our family!

The past two years I have had many ups and downs with the Locker Room. We have had our great times, our good times, and our bad times. We are slowly getting busier and always working hard to keep our head afloat.

There's days that are so overwhelming that I question why I --or WE made this decision. I look back at all our friends we had back home in KC. Nights out to dinner with friends, tailgates, Nick having golfing buddies, or me having a girlfriend to vent.

Peoria can be very lonely. Sure We have family, my sister, and friends I have made from the locker room, and old skating friends. But now were parents, we're the "old married couple" we're "mom & dad" and it seems like
We're in a whole different world.
Who am I kidding; we are in a whole different world

There's days I just wish we could go back. There's days I feel guilty for moving my family, for Nick leaving all his friends behind, for Nick not having a job he loves, & and for Nick not having guy friends he can go watch a game at a bar with or Someone to golf with. I am so blessed to have a husband who puts up with all of that so I can follow a dream. Now that we have Greyson I can't help but wonder who is he going to play with, who his friends will be? Sure he will meet friends at school & sports. But what about before that? Is there a match making service for married couples to meet other families? Bc there should be.

Great Grandparents x3

Greyson is one lucky little boy. Not only does he have 3 amazing sets of grandparents to love him; he has 3 sets of great-grandparents that love him just as much.

Two sets of my grandparents live here in Peoria, my moms parents live in Florida though. They were here visiting for a couple weeks for my cousins graduation and Megan & Mikey's graduation party, so they finally got to meet Greyson!

Nick and I had a garage sale at my moms house so they have gotten lots of time with G.

One of the many reasons I want to teach sign language to G is My Grandma Carlene. She's been deaf since she was little but has always read lips. When I was a little girl I could do basic signs but nothing big. My little cousin is also deaf but has a cochlear implant so she can hear out of one ear. Communication is such a big deal and I am really hoping to teach G how to
Communicate with sign so he can grow in his communications with Grandma Carlene and start to communicate with us sooner than words can express. My mom is currently working with my nephew and I know all of G's time with her will only assist in his learning!

It was such a treat to have my grandparents here for a week and get to see them everyday! I miss them so much and its week like this that makes we remind myself that I need to be better at staying in touch via text and email so they can keep up with Greyson and all of his growing.

Such a lucky boy to have all these Great grandparents in his life! (as am I of course! (: )

Pics of his "local" grandparents coming soon!