Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Wedding. A Friend. and Some Fun

A few weeks ago we headed to St. Louis for a Friends Wedding. 
It's nice to go to StL for things because we are able to visit friends as well. 

Nick's Best Friend Brian lives in StL with their son Wade, who is 3 Months older than Greyson. We haven't seen them since May so it was great to get to visit with them in between the Wedding and Reception. 

We took G to the Wedding with us

Then headed to the Hazzard's House to hang out before the reception. Brian and Jackie had a babysitter for the evening for Wade so we were able to leave Greyson with her as well!

The Boys got to play together for a while. It's so weird to see how much they both grow each time. Last night G was barely sitting up and Wade was just sitting. Now G is rolling everywhere and sitting up on his own and Wade is crawling up a storm and able to pull himself up.
I can only imagine what kind of trouble we are going to be in when they are both moving like crazy!
:Playing with each other:

The Wedding Reception for the Rathmann/Lawson Wedding was beautiful and so much fun!
Clockwise: All the Delta Zetas: Ran into H.S. Best Friend Bree : Photo Booth Fun : 
The Panek & Ayers : Paul & Me : Emily & Me

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Parents Night Out

Well, after 5 long months Nick and I finally got to have a night away together!

Sure I have had a night away with the girls and he's had a night away with the boys and we have had an evening away. But now it was time for us to spend some time together.

 Overnight. Just the two of us.

And what perfect time to do it with free tickets to the Cards game!

We priceline'd hotel
Dropped G off at Grandma and Pa Pa's
And headed out of town

We enjoyed a dinner and some drinks

Sweated our you know whats off in the 103 heat

Had a post drink at Mike Shannons outfield

Grabed some toasted raviolis to-go for a bed time snack

And "slept in" until 10.
Funny how when your with your baby all you want to do is not wake up because your so tired, but when your away you seem to wake up early; then again every hour on the hour.

Either way we enjoyed lounging around being lazy until 10 before we packed up and headed home!

It may have been a short trip but sometimes that's just what you need. To have some time, worry free; just husband and wife!
Well worry free if you choose to Forget you paid $8 for a beer!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why not do a Photo Dump

There were some cute Pics from when G was Little... Okay he is still little but I realized I never posted any newborn pics of Baby G along with some cute ones that I just never blogged about so here is my photo dump!

All Newborn Pics Taken by my Amazing Momma Grandma KiKi

: 1 MONTH :
                                                                                                                                         Cousin Carson
: 2 MONTH :
Grand                                                                                                                     Grandma KiKi

: 3 MONTH :
                                                                                                                      Aunt Meggie
: 4 MONTH :

God Bless America... 4th of July in Pictures

We spent the 4th off work with The Locker Room closed so we were able to spend time as a family, with family.
We spent the afternoon at My aunt Joyce's house for some pool time. It's been a tradition for years so we couldn't skip! It was blistering hot so most of the day was spent in the water!
Aunt Lucy Swimming with Greyson

Not Sure if he likes swimming

Grandma Shan Lucy and G

Add caption

For the evening we went to the Peoria Chiefs minor league baseball gameZ we had planned to watch fireworks from the stadium with my mom, mark and kids.
It was Soo hot at the game we spent most of the time walking G around to stay out of the sun. We ended up in outfield where we did catch Greyson's first home run ball!

Greyson's First Baseball Game and First Home Run Ball

He Loves his Aunt Taba

But Loves his New Ball a Bit More!

A Little 4th of July Photo Shoot At Grandma KiKi's House!

The fireworks were great and it was nice to get to spend so much time with family! Next year... We pray it is not so hot!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finally 5.... Months

Okay I take that back. Not finally! Where has my baby gone? Well 4th of July was a great day to celebrate Baby G being 5 months.

Some stats:
We are almost out of every 3 month item we own. It gives me anxiety putting away clothes that he has barely worn! 3-6 are good.. Some a little tight in length. 6 months good. But I have been buying even 6-9 so he can wear them longer! But I really wish all the kids company's would work together to make all the clothes the same size! Some of them really can vary and it's annoying!

Greyson is quite the roller! He gets so frustrated when he can't get to his toys; he tries to roll different directions to get them. But sometimes it just doesn't work out.
He will usually find a way to pull a blanket to him to reach the toy, or even tip his paymat to get it. Creative little booger huh!

He sits for long periods of times, gets up on all fours to attempt to crawl, and gets a rock going sometimes. It won't be long until we are on the move

Sleep is getting better. He regressed for a couple of weeks and was waking up once or twice in the middle of the night, some nights he will go 9-7, some nights he will wake up just once. It's guaranteed that whenever I go into his room he will be playing is a completely different position or area then where he started! Always moving!

He loves eating and does a great job of it. We make our own food; usually peas,corn, sweet potato and carrots. Plus some fruits like bananas and peaches. There has yet to be a food he doesn't like.

He still breastfeeds and still supplements with formula. It varies on when he does them. It's not the same schedule on when we do it depends on if we're home, or he's at grandmas Ect. We're teething a lot and chew everything!

Well I'm sure in the next few months we will have a mover.. I'm not sure if we're ready for that but.. It's going to happen! My sister and I walked at 8 months so G is surely to follow!

More on the fourth in the next post!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don't Panek.. The house will be clean... One day

Sometimes I wonder how my mom did it? She taught school, ran a successful business (tumbling studio) and took care of me and my sister!

My tiny house doesn't ever seem cleaned! My ever so sweet mom spent the day last week picking up, doing laundry and cleaning MY HOUSE; just because.

Two days later... Not so clean again...

Somedays I feel so guilty. I leave bottles in the sink, folded laundry in baskets, curling irons on the counters, and baby "crap" all over the living room.

But Somedays I'm just too tired or I would rather cuddle on the couch with Baby G, or spend a rare moment on the couch with the DVR & Nick.

Yes I feel guilty, yes there are days I PANEK that I don't keep up with the house like a "wife" should. But I remind myself...

I'm being a loving mom, a caring wife, and a hard working business owner so somethings just have to be pushed until my day off.