Monday, August 27, 2012

6 month Stats

Wow.. It's been awhile! I have been so busy and my poor little 6 month olds updates got pushed to the back burner!

His 6 month check up was great! G is still growing like crazy!
18lb 7oz and 26.5 inches! 

Pretty much the same in clothes! Hes wearing anywhere from 3-6, 6 months and 6-9 month clothes.

G loves to eat! He's been great at eating all sorts of food. His chewing is going great! We can give him pieces of food from our plates and he loves them! Well everything except potatoes! He's not fond of those.
Loves to Sit Like a Big Boy in the Carts.. and Stand wherever he can! 

Sleeping at 6 months seems to have gone a little backwards. The trend the last few weeks is bed around 8... But he usually gets up around 2-5. Then wakes for the day around 7-8. I really can't wait for a non interrupted sleep again!

G loves bath time and is so big sitting and playing with toys! Keeping him sitting is a little harder now!

He's still on the move with army crawls... But He will throw in an occasional real crawl here and there.

He's so strong and is pulling himself up wherever he can! We removed the coffee table to make more room for our exploring little boy! But he still finds things to pull Himself up with! And can make a quick getaway towards Derby's food, nicks hats, or my shoes.
We are planning to get some Family Pics Taken this week... so Hopefully we will have those to update soon!

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