Wednesday, December 12, 2012

274 days old baby boy

Yup 9 months! Okay.. Well he is technically 10 Months; but since I just found this blog that I never posted but we will go with it.........

 So when does Baby G stop being "baby"

Everyday he seems to get more personality. More life.

We are loving having little man in our life more and more each day. I (well we) just love watching him learn and grow. He loves to explore things, try out new and old toys, and really loves books.

He knows how to make a disaster to the living room with his toys and I now know why people have play rooms! He is a pro at throwing everything out of his toy bins to find the smallest toy at the very bottom.

We went to our 9month check up. And everything checked out well!
They did their normal Q&A that made me feel like I had the dumb kid.
Does he say ma ma ma or ba ba ba. NO
Does he wave bye. No
Does he play patty cake. No (but we don't play that so maybe ;)
Does he crawl. Ok got this one! Has been for like 4 months. And walks on everything.
Does he eat baby food. Yup! Eats "people" food!

Okay so some of the questions make you feel like your kids dumb, slow, Ect.
Others make me see he excels in other areas. I guess when they ask those things it's really about remembering everyone is different!

Since then he has waved! Only a few times but he has done it. Sometimes I think he's just so busy looking at things, exploring, and moving that he doesn't pay attention to things he can do!

No walking alone yet! But he loves to push chairs everywhere. Tall Bar chairs, dinning room chairs, baby chairs. He holds on and pushes them for fun or to get where he wants to go. When he runs out if room he walks to the other side and pushes it back. A resourceful little booger.

He really loves Derby these days! Tries to Play with him all the time. Loves to throw his bone... and play tug with his rope.

Well everyday is something new.. until next time!!

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