Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10 Month Updates

Wow.. So much has changed for our 10 Month update! Greyson has become such a little man. I love watching him learn new things. He carefully watches everything you do and always wants to try on his own.

Hes Walking... Finally  and is becoming much more of a handful. He was taking a couple steps then crawling for about a week; then decided he could walk and now he's unstoppable.

(First Walking Day!)
I'm impressed with how good his walking has gotten in a the last week. The other day he walked under the table at The Locker Room; ducked under the whole thing and never fell down. He looks like a drunk Frankenstein most days but I love it! He even likes to carry things around the house. Caught him carrying my purse around the house... and he loves to carry derby's leash around. It's such a tease for poor derby.

10 months has brought us such a great sleeper. He tends to go down around 8/8:30pm and sleep until 7:30-8am. Some days he has to be out late with me at work or when our day runs late and he will go down 9-9:30 but still sleeps just as long. He has been a great napper! When were home he will lay down around 10-10:30 and has been sleeping anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. He usually naps in the afternoon as well but that is not a set time. Depends on where we are, how hard he has been playing ect.

I am still impressed at how well he will fall asleep. Most nights we just lay him in bed with a blankie and Sammie ( his seahorse) and he will go to sleep on his own. Sammie has been a lifesaver on many occasions and  helps him sleep wherever he is. If your every looking for a present for a baby I highly recommend  it!

He still eats really well and eats mainly "people food". He still eats baby food; on occasion. But its nice he eats alot of what we eat so we can share with him when we are out. 
When he is hanging out and helping at The Locker Room he loves to munch on cucumber, green pepper, cheese, and tomatoes. He really loves grilled cheese with avocado!
He has been loving trying to feed himself with the spoon! And can succeed on occasion!
But it is the cutest thing to watch him try and learn!

It helps his teeth are coming in! We haven't had any serious teething issues
But he has his 2 on the bottom.. and now has 3 popping through on the top!

Still growing... But not to quickly. Wearing around 9-12 Months. Some 12 Months is too big still; which kinda stinks because I was buying clothes thinking he was growing so the 12-18 month stuff is rather big... but im sure a growth spurt is coming!

A lil Look at What Pictures have come to :)

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