Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby G is Growing Up...

Well There hasn't been to much happening in the last week... So there isn't too much to say!

Baby G really is growing! Although EVERYONE seems to tell us he's "So Little" I feel like he's growing every time I Blink! We are ALMOST out of all our newborn clothes.. Which Makes me Sad.. But With all the clothes this little boy has and the hot weather that decided to come early, there is a good chance he won't get to wear a majority of all his cute "Winter" Clothes. We have had to go out and get some Shorts/T-shirt outfits for him because the poor kid was sweating in his clothes! Glad we still have some Cool Nights and Days so he can wear some of them!
We have been waiting for him to wear his Billed Hat like Daddy's but its still to big.. We wore it on our walk anyways....
Hes Starting to become a "Person" which is really exciting! He LOOOOVES Standing. He's happier Standing then anything. So we "practice" standing on mom alot! 

He's starting to smile at us. Which is GREAT! He just NEVER wants to keep it going while we grab the camera! One day we will catch the little booger! I'm sure one of the days We are at work he will get it on camera for Grammie KK. We did catch him laughing in his swing a couple days ago.. but stupid me recorded it sideways.. and I would hate to make you get sick while watching him be cute! 

Today we tried to play with toys... He wasn't really into it. But he did love his Seahorse from Uncle Craig!! 

Baby G's Announcements came today and I couldn't be more proud of them! Now I just have to get them mailed! Since we are heading to KC this weekend for a few days I hope to get them out before we leave! He's been a little needy the past couple days... and only wants to be in mommas arms. Which means I dont get alot done. We did try his carrier tonight. Facing out.. we have only tried it facing in... He seemed to like it so hopefully I will get LOTS more done during the days!
 Well Thats about it for this week! This weekend we head to Warrensburg and Kansas City for him to meet LOTS of people... and then we head to the Doctor for his 8wk Check Up So we should have much more to report :)

I'll leave you with a Great Pic My Mom Took of Bubs... That just makes me Smile when I look at it!

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