Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Beginning To Our State of Panek

Well.... Our Little Man Turned 1 Month Old on Sunday... ONE MONTH ... I Can't Even Believe it.
Having Nick's Family be all the way down in Warrensburg makes it so hard to share all of our Love for G with them everyday...
                 In Comes our Idea to Blog....
Neither Nick or I are ones who like to share alot of Facebook so we thought Blogging would be the best way to Brag about our Wonderful Addition to our Family and Friends

Our Precious Little Man 2 Days Old
This past month has been quite an adventure. Baby Greyson came into the world Saturday February 4th at 8:55pm. (He was a little shy for 8 Long Days) at 7lb. 14oz and 19in. An exciting day not only anxiously awaiting his arrival... But hoping.. Okay Nick was Praying he would arrive in time to cheer on MIZZOU to a win over KU. Although Greyson didn't quite listen to daddy, he did make his appearance right at half time. Don't worry you Tigers Fans.. Daddy had the game on in the background the whole time... He is True Fan..
We Spent our Super Bowl the first day of being a family... G even had his new hat to watch his first... of many Football Games

The next few days were great.. We enjoyed our time being a family in the hospital... The "Helpers" AKA Nurses and our visitors!
Daddy Doing Great!

Loving on Bubs
Shawna & Megan Visiting 
Poor G didn't have name for the first 2 days of his life... Picking a name was alot harder than we thought it would be! For the past few years I wanted Cayden for the name of my kid. When the time came I decided it was just to popular not and I just didn't like it anymore. We did have a few names picked out prior and we just thought when we saw him we would know.....
SURPRISE.. We Looked at our Precious Baby Boy... and Could not decided
It didn't help I for one am the most indecisive person you could ever meet... We Liked Greyson..and Keegan, and Madden was in the running. Sunday we were down to Madden and Greyson... Liked them both and while we had a room full of visitors (Yup...all 11 people) who kept Bugging  Asking what the poor kids name was. 
We talked quietly and Nick Announced we decided on Madden. It was cute, it had grown on us and that is the one we thought it was. After he announced it to them... I felt well... BUMMED.  Everyone was leaving and we were not sold on it.. so we told them we would text them the decision Soon. We talked and decided that we liked Madden... its very cute for a little boy.. but when he's older it wasn't going to be as Cute... so there it was GREYSON 
... then the spelling debate.
 G-R-E-Y-S-O-N or G-R-A-Y-S-O-N. With really no reason... E-Y Won. 

Our first week at home went great! G had a great check up and only lost a 1/2 lb. The following weekend we were excited for G.Ma & "Pops" Panek and Aunt Katelyn to come visit us. We had a Great 2 days with them.. Showing off the Locker Room to Kates and them spoiling G.

 We also had a great visit from Uncle Chris, Auntie Gina, Sydney and Tyler. We haven't seen them in SOO Long and were very excited they got to come down! Unfortunately since I have an AMAZING Mom who takes THOUSANDS of Pictures... I only have ONE picture from the visit... so another post is to come when I Steal those from her!
It seems like just yesterday Uncle Chris was spinning Tab and I in a sleeping bag in circles... Tossing us off the edge of the bean bag... or even telling stories in funny voices... Greyson has alot to look forward to with my favorite Uncle Rice Cripsy

So here it is... a Start of our life... More to Come.....

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