Saturday, June 9, 2012

Great Grandparents x3

Greyson is one lucky little boy. Not only does he have 3 amazing sets of grandparents to love him; he has 3 sets of great-grandparents that love him just as much.

Two sets of my grandparents live here in Peoria, my moms parents live in Florida though. They were here visiting for a couple weeks for my cousins graduation and Megan & Mikey's graduation party, so they finally got to meet Greyson!

Nick and I had a garage sale at my moms house so they have gotten lots of time with G.

One of the many reasons I want to teach sign language to G is My Grandma Carlene. She's been deaf since she was little but has always read lips. When I was a little girl I could do basic signs but nothing big. My little cousin is also deaf but has a cochlear implant so she can hear out of one ear. Communication is such a big deal and I am really hoping to teach G how to
Communicate with sign so he can grow in his communications with Grandma Carlene and start to communicate with us sooner than words can express. My mom is currently working with my nephew and I know all of G's time with her will only assist in his learning!

It was such a treat to have my grandparents here for a week and get to see them everyday! I miss them so much and its week like this that makes we remind myself that I need to be better at staying in touch via text and email so they can keep up with Greyson and all of his growing.

Such a lucky boy to have all these Great grandparents in his life! (as am I of course! (: )

Pics of his "local" grandparents coming soon!

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  1. Teaching sign language to babies is so fun! They figure it out so fast because their brains are little sponges! I taught my babysitter girl "more" and "all done" in just a day and she was doing for me a week later!