Saturday, June 9, 2012

It is life...

So I was sitting here the other day watching Melissa and Tye on CMT and it reminded me so much of me.

Two years ago I moved to Peoria and left my husband in KC to open a sports bar in Peoria. It was a decision that somedays I feel like was one that was made to quickly, other days I feel like it wasn't.

Nick finally after 4 months found a job here; his dream job... No. A great job... Unfortunately no.. But it's a job and he works so hard to take care of our family!

The past two years I have had many ups and downs with the Locker Room. We have had our great times, our good times, and our bad times. We are slowly getting busier and always working hard to keep our head afloat.

There's days that are so overwhelming that I question why I --or WE made this decision. I look back at all our friends we had back home in KC. Nights out to dinner with friends, tailgates, Nick having golfing buddies, or me having a girlfriend to vent.

Peoria can be very lonely. Sure We have family, my sister, and friends I have made from the locker room, and old skating friends. But now were parents, we're the "old married couple" we're "mom & dad" and it seems like
We're in a whole different world.
Who am I kidding; we are in a whole different world

There's days I just wish we could go back. There's days I feel guilty for moving my family, for Nick leaving all his friends behind, for Nick not having a job he loves, & and for Nick not having guy friends he can go watch a game at a bar with or Someone to golf with. I am so blessed to have a husband who puts up with all of that so I can follow a dream. Now that we have Greyson I can't help but wonder who is he going to play with, who his friends will be? Sure he will meet friends at school & sports. But what about before that? Is there a match making service for married couples to meet other families? Bc there should be.

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