Friday, June 29, 2012

4 months and growing

4 months... Can't believe it myself. Our little peanut sure is getting big! 15lb 7oz and a long 26in. Up from 12lb 6oz & 24in at our 2 month check up. There's some promising hope he gets my dad's height.

At 4 months he is rolling over back to belly and belly to back. He is quite the stander and loves to grab things. He tries hard to get the things that are just a little out of reach.

He has mastered pulling binky out of his mouth and usually gets it put back in. Although it may be upside or backwards

He continues to love his blankeys. He snuggles them in tight when he's sleepy. And like them or his blanket to be right next to his face. Sometimes he even puts them over his face.
--don't worry I always check and take them off!--

We are eating "solids" including rice & oatmeal (oatmeal is the favorite so far)
He loves sweet potatoes and avocado. And He likes bananas on some days.

He's still breastfeed but we do formula feed when needed. Supplementing with breast milk and using just formula. He was not a fan of the formula to start but doesn't mind now.

He is a great little sleeper! (knock on wood) Daily routine isn't always routine. He's a cat napper during the day and most days when he's tired he will just sleep, wherever he is.
He goes to sleep anywhere between 8:30-9:30. Some nights I wake before I head to bed for a feeding others he stays asleep. Usually depends on what time he ate dinner. He takes a bottle Anywhere between 3-6am. He always falls back asleep until about 8. Sometime the sleepy head will sleep until 8:30.

There's days I feel blessed to be able to sleep in... Others I wish he woke earlier so I could force myself to get stuff done in the am! Hard to motivate when he's sound asleep next to you.

He does sleep in a crib now. He will Fall asleep on his own most nights. He does sleep in our room in his Rock & Play if he wake for feeding close to wake up time, some naps and when traveling.

He still loves his play mat and I can usually catch him talking or laughing to himself in the mirror or to the octopus.

In the morning he likes to relax in his rock & play or on the floor and watch Mickey clubhouse.

He is certainly becoming a little boy with personality, he loves to cuddle and wishes he could hold a bottle on his own.. Where in the world is our baby going?

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