Sunday, October 28, 2012

Locker Room Halloween

Saturday Night Nick & I got a Parent's Night Out

Okay. So It wasn't really a Night Out. It was a Night Out to The Locker Room. 

We traded in Bathtime. PJ's. Mickey Mouse. and Bottles. 
Costumes. DJ's. and Bottles of Beer and Liquor

Since G; Late Nights at The Locker Room are pretty few and far between so I was excited to get to hang out, see people, and "experience" Late Night Locker Room.
And Occasionally brush up on my bartending skills 

We had chose a 20's Theme this year and I Loved Everything about it. 

Now It's not something that I could do every weekend. Getting home at 5:30am is a Little Rough when lately G has decided he likes to get up between 4-5am but I was glad I got to be there for Halloween. 

 Here's a peek at our costumes! 


Next Up... Actual Halloween.... Costume TBD

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