Monday, November 5, 2012

Trip Back to Warrensburg

A few weeks ago we packed up the car and headed to Warrensburg for the weekend.

Nick only gets One Weekend off a month which is usually used for traveling if I am able to get away. His 4 day weekend fell on UCM's Homecoming so we jumped at the chance to head back home and visit family.

Unfortunally Pops Panek was out of town but we got to hang out with Grams and Aunt Kates for a few days. 

Saturday we got up and headed downtown for the Homecoming Parade. Katelyn is a Dancer at UCM so Greyson got to watch his 1st Parade and look for Aunt Kates.

He was pretty tried after the parade

Unfortunately it rained... ALOT... so we missed out on the football game and did not get to watch Aunt Kates Dance. 

"Uncle Casey" is not living in Warrensburg until he moves to KC so we got to spend lots of time with him as well. Greyson was very excited to play with him!

We took advantage of Greyson getting to spend time with Grams and we headed downtown for some Fun. I played some Beer Pong.. We Danced.. and had a few drinks :)

It was such a great weekend with family & friends. Can't wait for the next!

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