Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not much time

I haven't done a lot of blogging lately

Just haven't had much time.

I picked up a 2nd job teaching tumbling.
Growing up my mom owned a Tumbling studio where I attended and taught at. Back in college she sold it to the local park district where my sister then took over running the program.

So since we opened The Locker Room Tab has continued to run the tumbling program and have a great Elite Cheerleading program.

This fall she needed some more teachers and Nick and I could use the extra money so twice a week I head from The L Room to teach tumbling.

Most days it is hard. I'm exhausted, and I dread going. Then I get there and I see those kids and it makes me forget all about how tired I am.
Just like with my baby boy.

There are days I know I should just be home with my baby..
There are days I know I should be at home cleaning or doing laundry.

But then there are days where a child tells me they are so happy I am their teacher Or they bring you a picture they drew at school.

And I remember even though its hard work, time consuming, and exhausting. It is something I enjoy and you have to do stuff that makes you happy.

Well I suppose I would rather have a pedi or a massage :) but maybe after next paycheck

So I haven't blogged in over a month. I know that because I never blogged about G's 8 month update. So I hope to sit down this weekend and catch up.

To be honest. The only reason this is done is I wrote it a month ago and I am finishing the last two paragraphs at work on my phone while Greyson nurses.

Life of a working mom I guess.

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