Monday, September 24, 2012

That Thing I Call Work...

It seems like just yesterday Tab and I got the idea and started research this venture we call The Locker Room.
Bud Clydesdales @ The Locker Room

I look back to a year ago and to be honest I can't believe we made it a year! Now here we are 2 1/2 years later.

I'm blessed with an amazing sister who also works another job to make ends meet but still puts in the late nights and runs on zero sleep so that I can now be home with G Man.

For those who don't know The L Room is a sports bar catering to a mix of people. We are open for lunch for the many businesses in downtown Peoria, we serve dinner and "cater" to the civic center across the street that is home to the Bradley Braves basketball team and hosts many great concerts and events. We are open late night weekends for those partiers. (and by late night I mean late night. We're open until 4am)

I have (or had since I just lost some all-stars to college graduation) an amazing staff that makes my job easier. I don't think of most of them as staff.. We are a family. It's amazing how great everyone that works for us is. We have "Family Dinners" at Restaurants or BBQs on our days off. It's amazing how lucky G is to have such great people in his life. They all Love My Son so much and I am so blessed to have so many amazing people that love him and care for him. 

Megan, Tab, and Amanda. 

Kramer and Cody... Not Working of Course :)
80's Night at the Locker Room 

I have a great cliental that I enjoy building relationships with. It's a good feeling knowing when someone walks in you know what they drink, like to eat, or who their family is.

We have an amazing DJ that is far more than that. He's a friend, a maintenance man, an entertainment director, amd the brains some days :) He is an amazing guy that supports us so much! He's is an amazing Uncle to G and I don't know what it would be like to not have C in our life!

We have out trials every day. We could always have a few more customers, make a few more dollars but that is business and I'm lucky to have the support we do.

These past two years mistakes have been made but learning from them is all that matters.

I Really appreciate the friends who have traveled to Peoria to check it out. It's amazing to know that they care about us and want to see what we have done. And those people in Peoria that continue to support small businesses.

There's been ups,downs,good & bad but that is what makes life so great, you can conquer anything you want to. And I hope we continue to conquer much more in the years to come!

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