Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don't Panek.. The house will be clean... One day

Sometimes I wonder how my mom did it? She taught school, ran a successful business (tumbling studio) and took care of me and my sister!

My tiny house doesn't ever seem cleaned! My ever so sweet mom spent the day last week picking up, doing laundry and cleaning MY HOUSE; just because.

Two days later... Not so clean again...

Somedays I feel so guilty. I leave bottles in the sink, folded laundry in baskets, curling irons on the counters, and baby "crap" all over the living room.

But Somedays I'm just too tired or I would rather cuddle on the couch with Baby G, or spend a rare moment on the couch with the DVR & Nick.

Yes I feel guilty, yes there are days I PANEK that I don't keep up with the house like a "wife" should. But I remind myself...

I'm being a loving mom, a caring wife, and a hard working business owner so somethings just have to be pushed until my day off.

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