Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Wedding. A Friend. and Some Fun

A few weeks ago we headed to St. Louis for a Friends Wedding. 
It's nice to go to StL for things because we are able to visit friends as well. 

Nick's Best Friend Brian lives in StL with their son Wade, who is 3 Months older than Greyson. We haven't seen them since May so it was great to get to visit with them in between the Wedding and Reception. 

We took G to the Wedding with us

Then headed to the Hazzard's House to hang out before the reception. Brian and Jackie had a babysitter for the evening for Wade so we were able to leave Greyson with her as well!

The Boys got to play together for a while. It's so weird to see how much they both grow each time. Last night G was barely sitting up and Wade was just sitting. Now G is rolling everywhere and sitting up on his own and Wade is crawling up a storm and able to pull himself up.
I can only imagine what kind of trouble we are going to be in when they are both moving like crazy!
:Playing with each other:

The Wedding Reception for the Rathmann/Lawson Wedding was beautiful and so much fun!
Clockwise: All the Delta Zetas: Ran into H.S. Best Friend Bree : Photo Booth Fun : 
The Panek & Ayers : Paul & Me : Emily & Me

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  1. That video of Wade and Greyson is hysterical - cannot imagine when those two can BOTH walk and tackle each other! haha