Thursday, July 26, 2012

Parents Night Out

Well, after 5 long months Nick and I finally got to have a night away together!

Sure I have had a night away with the girls and he's had a night away with the boys and we have had an evening away. But now it was time for us to spend some time together.

 Overnight. Just the two of us.

And what perfect time to do it with free tickets to the Cards game!

We priceline'd hotel
Dropped G off at Grandma and Pa Pa's
And headed out of town

We enjoyed a dinner and some drinks

Sweated our you know whats off in the 103 heat

Had a post drink at Mike Shannons outfield

Grabed some toasted raviolis to-go for a bed time snack

And "slept in" until 10.
Funny how when your with your baby all you want to do is not wake up because your so tired, but when your away you seem to wake up early; then again every hour on the hour.

Either way we enjoyed lounging around being lazy until 10 before we packed up and headed home!

It may have been a short trip but sometimes that's just what you need. To have some time, worry free; just husband and wife!
Well worry free if you choose to Forget you paid $8 for a beer!

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