Sunday, September 23, 2012

7 Months

Wow... 7 Months old..
How does the time go so fast?

Between working.. taking care of Greyson.. and trying to taking care of the house I'm convinced that makes time go so fast.

Greyson is growing by the minute. And doesn't stop moving!
As you can see.. the days of taking pics on his hippo chair are few and far betweem

He's crawling everywhere... Climbs on everything.. Walks across the couch.. to the chair.. to the ottoman... to the hutch.. to the Pack n' Play.. to the Tv...  You Get It, He just walks across everything.

It's only time before he is walking everywhere. We got him a new exersaucer so he could have some more playtime outside of the Pack N' Play while we were trying to get things done. He loves it so.. SCORE

G is an amazing eater! He Loves Breakfast which is usually Oatmeal with some fruit. He has eaten Waffles and loved to munch on them.

He has been doing great at Finger Foods. We still eat Baby Food (pureed/mashed foods) but have been venturing to finger foods. He LOVES LOVES LOVES Puffs... but has also been eating pieces of fruit, pieces of veggies and breads.

He is sleeping well. Bedtime is usually between 8-9. Depends on his mood/naps during the day on when he goes down. But he has been sleeping until 5-6am. Sometimes he will sleep until 7-8... which is amazing!

He has become such a little man and I love watching him explore, grow & learn. He continues to have such an amazing personality that really lights up the room.

We really are blessed to have a little monkey that loves to be around people, is so well behaved when we take him places and a genuinely good baby.

If he wasn't such a good baby, I don't know what I would do with him at work when he is there! 
He is well behaved and loves to play with his toys at the Locker Room. He finally got the hang of it.. although he is only good at moving backwards :)

*Hanging out watching T.V. while momma works*

He really has fallen in love with Derby... He always wants to pet... or pull at Derby... Tries to Play with him.. and loves his collar.. Derby would rather have nothing to do with Greyson..

Greyson Trying to play Tug with Derby.. Derby Trying to Play Tug with Momma

Well until next time ..........

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