Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick & Easy Desserts part 1

So I figured I could spend some of my drive time in the car heading to KC blogging some quick and easy... Yet DELICIOUS desserts I made for mother's day

First on the menu:
Oreo rice Krispy treats. Yup you heard right and they are Yummy!

Most people know how to make Rice Krispy treats; if you don't then read the box.
To make them more delicious your gonna add some Oreos!
All you have to do is take a row or a row and a 1/2 of Oreos (depending on how Oreoie u want it. That is Totally not a word, but you get it!)
Crush the Oreos into little pieces. Easiest way is throw them in a ziplock and pound away!
While your mixing the krispies into the marshmallow; mix in a little of the Oreo at a time.
*side note * if you are following the box directions... Add more marshmallows then the 1 bag. Just trust me on this one.
Once everything is mixed together and in the pan you finish off the dessert with white chocolate drizzle.

Melt white chocolate chips to drizzle on top. I made mine in the microwave. 30sec. stir. And repeat 2x if it's not melted yet try it 1-2 more times. You don't want to burn the chocolate though.
Take the melted chocolate and drizzle all over the top and your done.

So easy and quick... About 10min all together to melt marshmallow mix and melt chocolate.

So to recap ingredients:
Rice Krispys
Mini marshmallows (I use 2 bags)
White chocolate chips (use 1/3-1/2 bag
Stick of butter


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