Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Away for Mom

Well I'll start this post with a little ditty about my big sister. I'm pretty lucky to have a such a caring one! Sure we fight, argue, and bicker but she's such a caring person and always was during pregnancy. She was by my side during my long hospital stay (even going back and fourth between bar & hospital) and she absolutely loves, cares, & adores Baby G. She spoils him rotten and I and him love every minute of it.

 For my mothers day; Tab, a childhood friend Shawna and Corinne, and one of my bartenders (friend too!) took me to STL for the night last weekend. It was my 1st night away but with some convincing I knew I needed it!

We got a hotel, and set out on the town! The landing was out destination! We grab some food and drinks at Jake's. $2 margaritas were hard to pass up!

That night we went to Big Daddy's which was fun. Sat outside enjoying the weather and drinks. Took some shots and people watched. Man, there are some weirdly dressed people hanging out on the landing! My best friend Stephanie also surprised me at this stop. (sneaky sister)
Then we headed off to Morgan Street. It was pretty neat bc there was an outdoor patio to hang out on. Or you could go inside and dance. We partaked in both.

I missed my baby boy lots but had so much fun with the girls; laughing, dancing, & even drinking! I will tell you it's no Locker Room prices when your out in Stl though.

 I really appreciate having such great friends to treat me to a girls night when I needed one! Can't wait to do it again! Maybe next one will be in Chicago!

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