Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Months... Already!

Baby G is 3 Months.... Yes I know I am a few weeks late at this.. But I'll get there! You will just get to see extra of him with almost back to back monthly updates!

He is really growing up these days. He LOVES to play on the floor.. and he usually ends up rotating halfway around the mat and facing some weird directions. He is rolling over front to back and back to front. Not all the time, but a good amount! We think we're going to have a mobile kid earlier than most!
* I along with my sister walked at 8 months so were pushing for 7 * hehe

He Loves watching the T.V. I know it is the colors and stuff but it it still so cute to see him intensely watching whatever is on. i.e. Dancing with the Stars, Live with Kelly, The Today Show, Sports (r loves baseball) or if I'm in a good mood its playhouse Disney.

He is starting to really play with different toys. He has a strong grip and usually won't let go! He is still Loving his swing. He didn't get to use it for a few weeks from the move, so it was like a brand new toy for him!

He is sitting up now. Not for a really long time; but for a few minuets at a time. Usually He pushes his legs up to stand b/c he loves to stand... and sitting just isn't for him (To Boring I guess!) But at Least he can do it!

Got to test out the bouncer seat exersaucer thing at Gmas and he loved it!
We also got a Johnny jumper for
Him since he loves to stand and move so much. Hasn't quite gotten the hang of "jumping" just yet but loves to hang or walk himself in circles.
He getting so big and time is going so fast.
I'm ready for someone to slow time down any day now!

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