Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Week of Fun

Wow. What a last few weeks it's been! We are all moved in to the new place.. If you consider still having boxes in the new garage, stuff at the old house, and boxes in Greyson's room then yep... We are all moved in!

Last week was quite the week! Nicks sister katelyn took the train up from kc to stay with us or a few days! She got to hang out and spend some time with G Tuesday night while I worked. Nick was off Wednesday so we all got to hang out and at night we took G to his first baseball game watch Jeremy (Megan's boyfriend) play.

Thursday was Quite the day! It started with Nick and I heading to the Locker Room early for "senior walk"
The Thursday before graduation all the Bradley seniors do a "walk" or pub crawl from the bars on the riverfront up to near the college (3 miles or so),

Our Stop started around 10:30 and went for a few hours. We had a few hundred people through the doors and it was a crazy busy few hours of bartending for all of us! I only came out of it with a few bruises so it was a success. We had a few hours of downtime then it was time to get busy again for the Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan Concert. Nick and I were all ready going so we got two extra tickets and My Little Sister (16) Emma and Kates got to come with us!

 We headed off to KC on Friday for one of Nicks H.S. Friends Wedding Reception. We got to spend time with his Cousins Little Girl, Katie Who I used to babysit for when we lived there!Shes Almost 3 and was so excited for Greyson to be there. 
 Katie when she was a baby!                                                    Our Almost 3 yr old!

 Got to visit with Shannon and Drew at the Wedding as well. 

 Mom and Dads Night Out!

Greyson got to hang out at work with me yesterday! "Aunt Amanda" is heading back to Chicago since she graduated over the weekend. Greyson is going to miss her so much! (So is Mom!)

 He loved hanging out with Cullen (A Regular Customer) watching the Cards Game! 

 Stay Tuned for a Great Blog on some Delicious Desserts I made for Mother's Day you have to try! 
Plus G's 3month Pics! 

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